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Crystal Ball: Week 16

June 5, 2009

Crystal BallWell, I got the one game I predicted horribly wrong last week, so let’s hope we go a little better this weekend. Also this week: one-sentence justifications!

St Helens beat Hull FC by 26

Because I’m rapidly losing confidence in Hull FC…

Wigan Warriors beat Salford City Reds by 16

It’ll be closer than the cup game, but not enough for Salford.

Hull KR beat Huddersfield Giants by 1

I just think KR will have a point to prove after Saturday, and the Giants seem less trustworthy at home. 

Leeds Rhinos beat Catalan Dragons by 10

Leeds are back on track, and Catalan are not.

Harlequins beat Celtic Crusaders by 22

Because the Crusaders spurned my trust last week.

Warrington Wolves beat Castleford Tigers by 8

I’m worried by how much faith I have in the Wolves right now.

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats beat Bradford Bulls by 2

Honestly, I have no idea why.


Crystal Ball: Week 14

May 22, 2009

Crystal BallThis league is getting crazier and crazier, and it’s making predicting games harder and harder. Once more into the breach, dear friends…

Bradford Bulls beat Salford City Reds by 4

I would argue that this is picking the underdog, as Salford are on a two game win streak, whilst Bradford became the Crusaders’ first victim this year. I don’t know why, but I can see Bradford wanting to pick up their game. I doubt Salford will make it easy and I can easily see this pick being wrong. 

St Helens beat Harlequins by 16

What’s that? A three-win streak for Harlequins? Sounds like they’re due a defeat to me, and what better place to lose than the home of the current leaders? Of course, I thought Quins would lose at Leeds as well…

Hull KR beat Castleford Tigers by 14

The Robins really seem to be coming into their own at the minute and are looking more and more like the real deal. I just think they should have too much for an increasingly inconsistent Tigers side who must have been emotionally drained by the events of their last two matches. 

Warrington Wolves beat Wigan Warriors by 16

AKA The Martin Gleeson Game. After a rather stupid first half last week (a few silly mistakes, and they’re 10-0 down), the Wolves showed that they were able to right the ship in the second half. That’s pretty much the opposite of how their games at the beginning of the season, and implies to me that Tony Smith is getting them back on track. That might just be enough to get past a Wigan side who’s nice run was ended by Hull KR last week. I expect Gleeson to score, but I just don’t think it will be enough.

Celtic Crusaders beat Catalan Dragons by 10

Because a) the Dragons are in a rut and b) these things happen in pairs/threes. 

Huddersfield Giants beat Wakefield Trinity Wildcats by 22

For some reason the Giants appear to perform much better away from home. This spells trouble for a Wakey side that is stuck in a bad spot right now (four straight defeats in all competitions). Look for the Giants to get over the disappointment of last weekend.

Leeds Rhinos beat Hull FC by 18

AKA The Midweek Game. Leeds have been winning ugly of late, but they will no doubt emphasise the ‘winning’ over the ‘ugly’. Hull lost to Warrington last week even though the Wolves were generous enough to give them a head-start, and I somehow doubt that the Rhinos will be so charitable.

Crystal Ball: Week 13

May 15, 2009

Crystal Ball

So the Magic Weekend was a pretty big success prediction-wise. Can I keep it up this week? Let’s hope so…

Wigan Warriors beat Hull KR by 4

Two teams that are both definitely in-form (they’re both on four game win-streaks in both League and Cup) which means that I’m probably going to go with home advantage here. Either way this goes, I expect it should be a tight game and probably pretty fun to watch. 

Leeds Rhinos beat Castleford Tigers by 8

Although Castleford have much improved this year, they seemed to struggle against Halifax last week. They also have a win-loss-win-loss pattern going back through their last seven games, as as they won their last game the pattern dictates a loss this game. I think Leeds are forcing their way back into a semblance of form, and they should just about come out of the Jungle with the win.

Hull FC beat Warrington Wolves by 12

Both teams have pulled out of slumps recently and look to be getting their seasons back on track. The week off that Hull have been afforded by being knocked out of the Challenge Cup might prove to be a benefit here, especially after scraping wins out of the last two games. Again, a game I think could go either way.

St Helens beat Catalan Dragons by 16

Hmm. Saints thrashed the Dragons a mere week ago, and although they now have to try and do it away from home, I think it should be possible against a side who aren’t performing at the level they want to at the minute. 

Huddersfield Giants beat Salford City Reds by 20

So Salford now appear to be back in a slump again, except that it’s now losing by narrow margins instead of blowouts. Huddersfield should be looking to win a home game comfortably after much greater success away this season, and I just wonder if all those narrow defeats for Salford are going to eventually take their toll…

Harlequins beat Wakefield Trinity Wildcats by 10

Quins have won their last two games but they were both away from the Stoop, so we get to see if they’re just as comfortable playing at home again. Wakey are in a minor slump of sorts right now (is the emotional toll of their early season finally getting to them?) and Quins have had a week off. Of course, having the odds stacked in their favour like this is the exact kind of game Quins usually lose…

Bradford Bulls beat Celtic Crusaders by 24

Bradford appear to have pulled out of their slump at last. Celtic Crusaders don’t give off that vibe yet, and I think the Bulls will be looking to continue their surge in momentum.

Crystal Ball: Week 1

February 6, 2009

crys_ballArrgghhh, things have come up meaning that I won’t get my Warrington and Wigan pieces up today. Instead, with a few minutes to go I will start a new weekly segment, in which I gaze into my Crystal Ball (see above) and offer startling insight into how the weekend’s upcoming games will unfold. Of course, I got this crystal ball off this dodgy bloke in the market, so there’s no guarantee that it’ll work…

Leeds Rhinos beat Celtic Crusaders by 40

Leeds aren’t at full strength, but they have a real depth of talent and Celtic’s preperation has been haphazard at best. Look for Celtic to run out of steam just as the Rhinos click into gear.

Bradford Bulls beat Harlequins by 8

Quins are usually slow starters, and don’t fare particularly well against the Bulls. Look for some costly errors to gift Bradford points and for Brian McDermott to be fuming at a game thrown away.

Wigan Warriors beat Wakefield Trinity Wildcats by 14

Wakefield will be looking for an improved year here, but I think Wigan will be ready for them. Look for this to be a closely fought game until a burst of Wigan points leaves Wakefield with too much to do in the end.

If you have any (probably more accurate) predictions of your own, feel free to add them.