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All Kinds of Crazy Stuff Beginning Today / Tomorrow

March 12, 2009

Through taking my eyes off the ball, I’d completely failed to notice that two competitions will be starting up in the next 24 hours, meaning that there’s even more Rugby League to watch. I call this a Good Thing.

First off, later this evening sees the start of the Co-Operative Championship, as Widnes Vikings get to take on Toulouse Olympique. The Championship should be especially interesting to watch this year, as we get to see just how the clubs manage to cope without having any promotion to aim for in the immediate future. Of course a Grand Final appearance is one of the requirements for promotion into Super League, and the clubs that genuinely hope to get a license will be planning for it right now. Widnes will undoubtedly be one of those teams aiming for the top flight, and so it will be interesting to see how they get on against a club that many feel the RFL are hoping to fast-track into Super League. It will also be interesting to see at what level Toulouse will compete at, because if they perform at a high level in the Championship in the next three years I would imagine they will be aiming for a Super League place as well.

Then tomorrow morning (evening local time) the best Rugby League competition in the world kicks off, as the NRL begins its 2oo9 season. I must admit that I’ve not followed the NRL so much in the last few seasons. This isn’t out of any belief about its entertainment value or anything like that, it’s just because Setanta took the rights from Sky and I don’t have Setanta. However, I hope to watch a lot more of it this year. I had indeed hoped to be able to get an Aussie Sports subscription, but due to their stupid online payment system I’m not sure I’ll do that after all. If they don’t want my money, then that’s their problem. Still, I’m sure I’ll find a way… Manly Sea Eagles start as favourites (rightly, after their performances over here) but given that they seem to be trying to self-implode at the minute, they might not be the safest bet…