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Welcome Back, Brian

June 2, 2009


Guess whos back... (Getty Images)

Guess who's back... (Getty Images)

Yet again, news I can’t say I was expecting: Brian Carney has signed for Warrington. Carney had been playing Rugby Union for Munster since 2007, although he had been making regular appearances on Sky’s Super League coverage. Carney will join once his commitments to Munster are over this month. 

There are more than a few question marks about Carney’s return to League. For one thing, he left under curious circumstances in 2007, what with that whole retiring-then-playing-union thing. Added to that is the fact that he wasn’t exactly setting the RU world alight, and that he’s 32, and you have to wonder if he’s going to be up to the task. My guess is that the work for Sky got him hungry for the game again. 

There’s also the curiosity as to where the Wolves are coming with this move. For one thing, they’ve released Kevin Penny, and the wingers they have left have been playing pretty well (and Chris Hicks is still to come back). I can only assume that they believe Carney’s still got the magic and that they could do with his experience. I hope they’re right, because when he’s at full pelt there are few more fun players to watch. This should be interesting…