Huddersfield 40 – 16 Celtic Crusaders

This was a game that turned out to be fairly intriguing, although in a fairly passive kind of way. The main problem was that by the time it had become an even contest Huddersfield already had an insurmountable lead. Credit to the Crusaders for not giving in an folding completely, but they should be worried by a very poor first half and a lacklustre defensive effort.

The game succinctly summarised what has been Celtic’s main flaw this season, which is that they are clearly not an 80 minute team. They can play very well for patches but they always have at least one spell of mediocrity that costs them the game. In this game they had two, and one of them lasted for the entire first half. They also conceded some really woeful scores in the second half (especially the Finnigan try from a penalty – most under 11s sides feel bad about conceding that one) 

The Giants showed much attacking threat, but as Brain Carney alluded to in the commentary, the one thing they really seem to be lacking is a ruthless streak. With the start that they had, they could have quite easily pulled out to a fifty or sixty point win. As it was, they settled for a twenty-four point victory, and although that’s none too shabby you would have to feel that they might consider their second half performance a little disappointing. Nonetheless, they have accumulated a more than adequate number of crafty midfield types (Shaun Lunt the latest to really emerge) and with a talented backline and a dynamic pack, they are looking like potential contenders. Once they develop consistency and a killer instinct, they will be right up there.


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