Crystal Ball: Week 12 (Magic Edition)

Crystal BallSo… I haven’t made a post in a while. Mainly it’s out of a sense of shame about my last set of predictions, even if I only think I was wrong to choose two of the sides I did. Hopefully the events at Murrayfield will even things up for me a bit. 

Harlequins beat Salford City Reds by 6

No idea why I’m choosing this. I just think Salford are going to enter another stumbling phase, although Quins do seem to do the opposite of what I think they will, so Salford fans: keep the hope!

Bradford Bulls beat Wakefield Trinity Wildcats by 8

This is a very dangerous pick, since I feel I might be jumping on a Bulls Bandwagon after their win at Saints. Nonetheless, I think they will look forward to a Magic game not against Leeds (although given they way this season has gone, maybe they would’ve preferred that?) and momentum looks to be on their side.

St Helens beat Wigan Warriors by 14

Before the season began, I thought that Wigan would beat Saints at some point this season, and after their respective last games  this might seem as good a time as any for the Cherry and Whites to do it. However, I think Bradford did Wigan a huge disservice by beating Saints in the manner that they did last week and I suspect that Saints will want to prove a point. 

Huddersfield Giants beat Celtic Crusaders by 22

I like the Giants this year, and although I think the Crusaders have been better than their cellar-dwelling league position would indicate, I don’t think they have enough to deal with the Giants.

Hull FC beat Castleford Tigers by 4

I think Hull might be entering a phase where they rebuild their season, but have to do so in an excruciatingly tense manner. Castleford have shown real improvement this year and I think this game is going to come down to a few key moments. This is the sort of pick which I almost expect to backfire on me whichever way I pick it.

Leeds Rhinos beat Catalan Dragons by 14

Why do I still have faith in the Rhinos here, when they’ve let me down badly over the last month? I don’t know, but they seem to do well at the Magic Weekend and they’re also another side with a point to prove this week.

Warrington Wolves beat Hull KR by 2

I hope this game is as good as it could be. KR are now second in the table and clearly a side to watch out for. Warrington last weekend finally looked like the contenders people thought they might be at the start of the season. If both sides fire at the same time, it could be an excellent game at Murrayfield.


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