Crystal Ball: Week 7


There are actually quite a lot of games I have conflicting thoughts about this week, and I have this feeling that these picks will either be spectacularly good or spectacularly bad. Only one way to find out, eh?

Hull FC beat Castleford Tigers by 18

I’m liking this Hull side a lot, which is enough for me to favour them at home against a Cas side coming off  a very close game that they should have won. Home advantage should be enough for Hull here, and I also think they’ll want to put on a show for their fans.

Wigan Warriors beat Salford City Reds by 20

Although Wigan lost fairly heavily last week, it should be pointed out that it was to the reigning champions and the margin of defeat didn’t reflect the closeness of the contest. Salford haven’t really looked good this season, so I think Wigan will get back to winning ways fairly comfortably.

St Helens beat Leeds Rhinos by 6

Oh great, my two weekly go-to picks are playing each other. I’m going with Saints, mainly on the back of home advantage but also because I feel Leeds will need to lose at some point and now is as good a time as any. Admittedly, this is probably against current form (Leeds sprang into life against Wigan last week, whilst Saints have laboured a bit against Celtic and Salford) but that also means Saints are due a big game. 

Catalan Dragons beat Bradford Bulls by 10

Again home advantage is the only reason for making this pick, as both sides have underachieved so far this year. I suppose Catalan have underachieved slightly less, and I suspect a few more defeats are going to lead to critical mass for Steve McNamara. The one caveat in this is that the Bulls have a pretty good record in Perpignan, but I can’t say that’s enough for me to pick them.

Celtic Crusaders beat Wakefield Trinity Wildcats by 2

At full strength, I probably pick Wakefield in this game. However, their injury list is getting a bit silly now, and Tony Duggan is back to offer a large dose of attacking threat for the Crusaders. Add in the fact that Celtic are at home and I think I see them getting their first Super League victory (only just though).

Harlequins beat Huddersfield Giants by

I feel really bad about this pick as it probably condemns Quins to defeat, but the Giants have looked really shaky at home whilst Quins have looked really good in general. Whatever happens in this game, I think we’re going to have a better picture of the season ahead for both sides by the end of this. 

Hull KR beat Warrington Wolves by 4

I actually want to pick Wire, as I feel they’ve reached a point where they simply can’t take any more punishment. However, after witnessing them last weekend first-hand there’s simply no way I can take them and feel good about it. Also, the Robins have Shaun Briscoe back and he’s been looking dangerous this season. Win or lose, the Wolves will look better (not that they could look any worse…).


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