Dragons capture a Bird

After being denied a visa to come to the UK, Greg Bird has obviously found French immigration policy more to his liking with the news today that he has signed for the Catalan Dragons. I must admit I find this a little odd for quite a few reasons:

  1. Shouldn’t Brid sort out his legal issues before playing again? I know the guy’s got a right to earn a wage and is innocent until proven otherwise, but surely his upcoming court visit is going to be a distraction? It’s not that long until he goes to court, so couldn’t they hold off for a few more weeks?
  2. How do Bradford feel about this? I can only assume they terminated Bird’s contract when he was denied a visa, becuase otherwise he wouldn’t be able to sign for the Dragons. Even so, they must be aggrived that a player they signed and couldn’t use has now found himself another team.
  3. The idea that Bird might be only allowed to play in home games for the Dragons (he may not be allowed into the UK) is absurd (and quite funny). It makes you wonder about the terms of his contract if he can only play in half the available games.

Bird should be making his debut this weekend against Castleford, and will be replacing Sebastian Raguin (out injured for the rest of the season) in the Dragons’ squad. This indicates that he will be playing in the forwards for Catalan, which makes sense as they’re pretty well covered at stand-off by Thomas Bosc right now. At least we’ll get an indication of how Bird fares in Super League after all, and he should be a boon for the Dragons in the time he’s going to spend with them.


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