The Curse of Wakefield

There’s a lot of stuff coming out of Wakefield Trinity at the minute which makes you wonder if they walked under a ladder, in doing so stepped in front of a black cat and were so surprised that they dropped a mirror. First of all there was the shocking death of Adam Watene in the offseason which nobody saw coming. Now it’s been revealed that both Richard Moore and Jamie Rooney have had their misfortunes with their health.

First of all, the club revealed yesterday that Moore has Crohn’s Disease. Anyone who knows about this illness will tell you that it’s a real bitch. To put itvery simply (because I’m not a doctor)  it’s an attempt by the body to fight infection in the stomach that isn’t actually there, resulting in horrible imflammation of the gut (amongst many other things). This is a very serious illness and it easily explains the weight loss that had a lot of people speculating about Moore’s health. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

As for Rooney, it turns out that during the offseason he technically died during a routine knee surgery, during when his heart stopped beating for 30 seconds after he received an anaesthetic. Luckily for him the doctors were able to resucitate him, otherwise Wakefield would be suffering from the random death of two of its players, and one’s far too much as it is.

All of this turmoil adds a context to Sunday’s win a t Wigan and makes it feel like more of an achievement. Here’s to hoping that Wakefield have a successful season and manage to overcome this quite ridiculously unproportional amount of hardship thrown their way.


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