Senior: There was no unity

Well, at least these guys want to be my friends! (Getty Images)

"Well, at least these guys want to be my friends!" (Getty Images)

Interesting article up on Sporting Life at the minute, in which Keith Senior spills all the beans about the World Cup. By which I mean he says that Saints and Leeds players didn’t get on that well:

“There was a big divide – so many Saints players and so many Leeds players and we didn’t gel on the field which was a big disappointment.

Of course Senior can now come out with these revelations as he has now retired from the international game, and even so he’s still tiptoeing around the subject. Even so, it’s interesting that this has come out, and in retrospect makes a lot of sense. There was a definite lack of cohesion in England’s play. It probably didn’t help that one of the most contentious and important positional decisions (that of who should be Stand-Off) involved two players from either side of this divide.

Personally, although I can understand their dislike of each other (after all, they’ve been the two outstanding sides for a few season now) but if they can’t put aside their differences for a damn WORLD CUP then I have to question why they get to represent their country. It seems symptomatic of a lack of professionalism in that England team, and considering how much the side had to go up against anyway, a lack of unity is the last thing needed. Whilst I doubt England would have won the World Cup anyway, the idea of that side not performing at its fullest because of a few personal gripes pisses me off. I hope Tony Smith and his coaching staff are paying attention, becuase this is a problem that needs to be fixed sharpish.


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