Sorry for this post, it’s an attempt to see if I can make liveblogging games a lot easier by using ScribbleLive. As a result, this what continues after this is pretty much a nonsense post (more so than usual).

  • 11:03 PM This is a test to see if this works
  • 11:03 PM If it does, then liveblogging games might just get that little bit easier
  • 11:04 PM It appears to make life easier so far
  • 11:04 PM So perhaps I’ll use this for a game of some sort
  • 11:05 PM The WCC maybe?
  • 11:13 PM When is it?
  • 11:14 PM March 1st!?! That’s later than usual…
  • 11:14 PM Oh welll, it’s less of a pain than the old system, so perhaps we will get a game in at some point…
  • 11:17 PM SCORE! What a score by that player
  • 11:17 PM Okay, I think I might be using this in the future…

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