We’re in the Money…

Life ain’t nuthin’ but bitches and money

-Ice Cube

Very good news for Rugby League in the UK this week as it was announced that the RFL have managed to secure £29.4 million pounds from Sport England to get them through the next four years. The number represents an increase of £10.9 million on thier last grant, and now means that the RFL are the third highest funded ogverning body behind the English Cricket Board and the Rugby Football Union (although it should be pointed out that the Football Association don’t get so much because much of their development work is done via the separate charity, The Football Foundation). Interestingly, the RFL appear to have been able to secure such a massive increase of funding due to their plans to utilise touch and tag rugby as a veichle for encouraging female participation in the game.

This strikes me as being important for a few reasons. Firstly, it shows that the RFL clearly have their act together if they can submit such a wildly successful bid. Secondly, it serves as outside recognition of the widening reach of the game in the UK, as a lot of this cash is going to be needed by Development Officers outside the heartlands, the demand for whom has increased significantly in the last few years. Thirdly, the game needs investment in its grassroots programmes, and now it has a chance to do something about it. If the money is used wisely, we should hopefully see the benefits in the not-too-distant future…


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