The Pryce is Right Again

Remember him?

Remember him?

I honestly had completely forgotten that Karl Pryce had moved to Wigan, which meant I was given a little shock when it was displayed on the BBC Sport website that he will be making his Warriors debut in their preseason game with Warrington.

Pryce, once seen as a real top prospect, has dropped off the radar drastically in the past few years for reasons both self-inflicted (his silly cross-code adventure with Gloucester) and also imposed on him (his injuries last season). This means that next season could be a re-learning process for him, meaning that he could either be an arduous trial by fire or a glorious phoenix-like rebirth. Or a so-so rebuilding process. Whatever.

I think Pryce clearly has the physique and the base to be a very good centre, but he chose to waste time in Union at the worst possible time in his development process for League, and he now hasn’t played top-level Rugby League for two seasons now. He’s likely still got skills, but if he’s got to both relearn how to play the game and also see if his body can still take the demands of professional Rugby League. As someone who was being touted for international honours a few seasons ago, he’s really got a struggle on his hands to prove himself relavant again.


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