Teamsheets: France vs Scotland

In all the craziness of getting the group previews done last night and watching the game today, I haven’t had time to put this up yet:


France: Jared Taylor; Justin Murphy, John Wilson, Sebastien Raguin, Teddy Sadaoui; Thomas Bosc, Maxime Greseque; Adel Fellous, Julien Rinaldi, Olivier Elima; Jerome Guisset, Eric Anselme; Gregory Mounis.

Replacements: James Wynne, Remi Casty,  Jamal Fakir, Christophe Moly, Laurent Carrasco. (one to be omitted)

Scotland: Michael Robertson; Dean Colton, Dean Cowan, Kevin Henderson, Jon Steel; John Duffy, Danny Brough (c); Scott Logan, Ian Henderson, Paul Jackson; Iain Morrison, Duncan MacGillivray; Lee Patterson.

Replacements: Oliver Wilkes, Chris Armit, Mick Nanyn, Andrew Henderson

Brief Thoughts:

  • I assume putting Michael Robertson at full-back is a ploy to get him more involved. Could be a smart move.
  • France have a monster pack, with all of the starting forwards coming off the back of good Super League seasons (except Anselme, and even he did well in his short stint at Leeds)
  • Danny Brough may have to pull out an extra-special game for this match, although between him and Ian Henderson at hooker the Bravehearts should have plenty of smarts.
  • With Sebastian Raguin in the centres for France, there’s a rather brutish edge to their back-line (not that he’s lacking in ball skills)
  • Fakir running off the bench into a tired Scottish pack could be fun

I hope to be live-scoring for this game as well, but I make no promises.


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