Lazy video post: Top 10 NRL Tries of 2008

Here’s something to remind you all how awesome Rugby League can be:

No.1 on this list has also been voted the Greatest Try in Australian Rugby League History, which I personally take as evidence that people have short memories. It is a pretty damn good try, but my personal favourite is Jordan Atkins’ ridiculous effort (although Brett Stewart’s pass for no.8 is also sublime). It does rather surprise me how many of these are from high bombs to the corner (4 out of 10, excluding Darren Lockyer’s chip to Denan Kemp because Kemp still 40m to run), but I guess that’s just indicative of the times (and of the training and athletic ability of the modern Winger).


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3 Responses to “Lazy video post: Top 10 NRL Tries of 2008”

  1. Matt Says:

    My favourite by far is No.1. I remember watching the game at the time and thinking “bloody hell”, it’s a sign of how athletic and amazing modern day rugby league players are and also a sign of how great a match can be. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more Kangaroo tries like that in World Cup.

    My other favourites are No.3 and No.5. Number 3 was just attack, attack, attack by the Roosters and some great footwork and running. Number 5 was a great catch by young Aitkins and a great match for Titans fans.

    Great stuff overall, would love to see a Top 10 from SLE and see how they compare!

  2. Robbo Says:

    There are three tries that I remember seeing at the time and just thinking that they were freakish. They were 1, 2 and 4. The Inglis flick back to Gasnier was something I’ve never really seen before in a game. The Lockyer kick to Kemp was unbelievable simply because it was after the siren and the game was all set to go to golden point and he and Kemp come up with that! The only thing that makes that a little less unusual is that Lockyer has done it so many times before, and in fact he did it again later in the year when he set up Greg Eastwood for a golden try against the Titans. The Folau leap was just scary. Not just that he got up so high and took the ball but that he grounded it while still in mid air behind over his head. An honourable mention to Brett Stewart though. Not only did he set up that Matai try with the sublime pass and scored that one of his own off the kick but he was also responsible for several other tries that could easily have made the list. Have a look at this for some of those same ones plus a heap of others that could have made the top 10.

  3. Group A: Australia - Kangaroos aim to mark their territory « XIII Says:

    […] greatest player of his generation’ (according to Andrew Johns). If you haven’t seen the video post below, the no.1 try is a testament to his athleticism. In Conclusion… Theoretically, a combination […]

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