Welcome to the World of XIII.

The game of Rugby League means a lot to many people.

The game of Rugby League means a lot to many people.

I like Rugby League. I watch it, I read about it, when my body lets me I even play it. I think more people should at the very least appreciate the combination of beauty and violence that is the 13-man code. So I’m going to share the love, writing about the game and objects that get caught in its orbit. Expect some of the following things to turn up in the course of this:

  • Previews of games
  • Opinions on major events
  • Ranting about the inadequacy of the international game
  • Youtube posts of amazing tries
  • Some other stuff, maybe

Of course, theoretically, the period just after the end of the two major competitions in Rugby League (Super League and the NRL) may not be the best time to start an endeavour like this. Luckily, the Rugby League World Cup is now just over a week away, and I’ll be running special features for the tournament. Come back tomorrow for the beginning of World Cup coverage, including previews of all the teams and a history of the competition so far.

Man, the things I do to pass the time…



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